How do I sign up?

The process is entirely online, click on the menu where it says register, fill out the form, and voila, you will be able to access the different courses.

How do I pay?

After choosing the course you are interested in, click on add to cart, then continue shopping or go to the menu with the cart icon and follow the instructions.

Do I have access to questions and answers during the course?

Yes, during the course you will have the Q&A section of the course enabled so that you can ask your instructor questions.

What do I need to use the Super Cargo Academy platform?

You only need a computer, or tablet, and an Internet connection to access our platform, you also need to have headphones or audio activated.

How does the platform work?

Una vez que te conviertes en estudiante,

Accede a nuestra plataforma, dirígete a “iniciar sesión”, diligencia tu usuario y contraseña para acceder a tu Campus Virtual.

Encuentra “Cursos Inscritos” en el menú de la derecha (o inferior si accedes desde tu celular) y finalmente selecciona tu programa de formación. 

Is the learning platform easy to use?

Our platform is friendly and very easy to use!

Is Super Cargo Academy an accredited institution?

Super Cargo Academy is not an accredited institution, we offer a platform for marketing courses and training programs developed by expert instructors with real experiences.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

For each course or training, the instructor will send you a certificate of completion of the approved course. Some instructors may choose not to provide a certificate.